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Pope Preserve update from Dan Hogan

Pope Preserve update from Dan Hogan

To my Knightville and other South Portland Neighbors,

We have 9 trees for Pope Preserve; now we need to plant them!


Saturday, October 8, we are having our next Big Dig.  If you have an hour or two between 8:00am and noon, please stop by next to Hannaford MillCreek and join your neighbors and Rotarians to get these trees in the ground. 

  • The holes for the trees will be dug ahead of time by SeaBreeze Property Services
  • One of the trees will also be planted by SeaBreeze because it is too heavy for mere mortals
  • Volunteers will place the trees and fill in the holes around them, building  a dirt irrigation ring to hold the water until the trees establish firm roots
  • With the time remaining, we will turn over as much of the area around the trees to remove what are 95% dead Japanese knotweed roots.
  • At a later date, I and a few others (I hope) will spread wood chips on the area around the trees and the project will be put to bed for the season.
  • Please bring a pointy shovel and an iron rake if you have one. I will bring a wheel barrel and we could use one or two more to pick up miscellaneous piles of roots.
  • Coffee and water will be provided


Thanks for your help.  Next year, we will continue the planting with shrubs and ground cover, hopefully raising more funds for benches and signs depicting the ecology and history of the site. 


Dan Hogan

Neighborhood Busy Body

Pope Preserve Update from Dan Hogan

Pope Preserve Update from Dan Hogan

To my Knightville Neighbors and friends of the Pope Preserve, we are making headway in the creation of our little urban oasis. We have money to purchase trees donated by Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape (our stalwart allies), Bangor Savings (bank there, they are neighbors who understand community), and the City of South Portland who are, well, US. The trees will be planted in the area between the sidewalk along Hannaford’s driveway and the new wood chip path running through the center of the photo labeled “new path toward Linscott”. We will plant 9 trees in all, arranged to preserve the water view from the direction of Ocean Street but screening the side of Hannaford. I will turn over the soil with a roto-tiller (rented unless anyone has one I may borrow) but only on the 15′ strip that is a city right of way along the sidewalk. The remainder of the planting area will have to be turned over by hand the way we did in the ocean side area for milkweed planting as this is required by the terms of the Pope Trust steward, Nature Conservancy of Maine.

Please keep an eye out for the date for a hand shoveling party to remove the knotweed roots (believed to be 97.5% dead). I will pick a Saturday or Sunday mid to late morning to gather for a few hours of work if we have as many hands as last time. I am in discussions with a landscape company about donating equipment time with operator to plant the larger trees. There will be a small amount of hand work after the trees are in the hole.

Lastly, milkweed pods are ripening. If you are out for a stroll, please pluck some pods if they have split open but still have the seeds. Please pick only about a quarter of the pods in one area so the plant can continue to propagate there; it is obviously a spot it favors. I will plant the seeds you give me, and the ones I already have from other donors, in the section between the main path and the ocean. We tried transplanting seedlings in this area in the spring and it didn’t work. The butterfly people warned me that the best way to plant is by seed in the fall. Apparently, Mother knows what she is doing.

Thanks for any help you can give to this project and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Oh, you can leave the seeds on my front porch at 3 E Street. Dan Hogan, aka, Slayer of the Dreaded Knotweed.

9-6-new-path-toward-linscott 9-6-milkweed-and-water

Visit Our Table at Knightville Street Fest 2016

Visit Our Table at Knightville Street Fest 2016

Stop by our table at the Knightville Street Fest 2016 between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 13. 

  • Sign up for free raffle of gift certificates from local establishments, drawing at 6:00
  • Tours of Pope Preserve restoration project. First tour at 5:00. Additional tours if there is sufficient interest.


Protect South Portland Fundraiser

Protect South Portland Fundraiser

Protect South Portland 

Presents a fundraiser to benefit the City of South Portland’s Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund  

Tuesday, July 12

 5-9 PM

OTTO Pizza

159 Cottage Rd., South Portland

Just eat pizza!  

OTTO Pizza will contribute 8% of all sales:

  • dine-in
  • delivery or take out
  • gift cards
Planning meeting for Bridging Knightville

Planning meeting for Bridging Knightville

Bridging Knightville will have a planning meeting on Wednesday, June 29, at 5:30 at Verbena. Come a few minutes early and order some food or drink if you like. It’s time to get working on some summer plans, so please come prepared with your good ideas, and expect to leave with a new “to do” list!

For those who cannot attend, please email your ideas and thoughts on Summer Fest and maybe another summer event for Bridging Knightville.

We hope to see everyone on Wednesday.